LabWare LIMS Services by CSols Expert Consultants

CSols has been helping clients implement LabWare LIMS into their labs for more than two decades, in multiple industries, across the world. We’ve been there since the inception of LabWare LIMS, through to LabWare 8; accumulating more than 200 person-years of experience and bringing that knowledge and expertise to all the projects we touch.

Time and again, CSols has been called on to help organizations with a full LabWare LIMS implementation or to enhance it beyond the basics. We understand it’s a big undertaking and how important it is to have consultants who make you their number one priority. Our philosophy is to become your LabWare partner for the initial implementation and throughout the evolution of your lab. We dive in, getting to know how your business runs and what your goals are for the LabWare LIMS implementation project. Then we find the best path forward for all stakeholders. As a consulting company, 100% of our focus is on your project’s success.

White Paper: "5 Tips for a Successful LabWare Implementation"

External Assistance Needed – How CSols Can Help

When specific expertise is needed or when the list of ongoing projects depletes your resources, CSols can supply the right expertise when you need them.

When you want a team of experts to plan for and drive your LabWare project to completion, CSols can provide the diverse resources to meet your project objectives, budget, and timeline.


Right First Time

Experienced Scientists/IT/Lab Experts

Agile Approach


Reduce Risk

FDA Compliance/Data Integrity


Change Management


Maximize Investment

Improve Adoption

Leverage OOTB Technology and Minimize Customization


How You Benefit from LabWare Consultants from CSols

Expertise from Multiple Angles: More than just knowledge of how LabWare LIMS works is needed to be successful. That’s why we have consultants who were also once lab-based research and IT staff themselves, so they can identify with your team members and engage all the stakeholders.

They do this in the following ways:

Speaking Your Language: Because our Business Analysts understand all parties (IT, Lab, and the Business), they are able to translate the needs of the lab and the business to the development team so that LabWare LIMS is configured properly for your needs.

Getting Everyone On Board: Speaking of configuration – there’s more to a successful project than just writing code. What about all the people involved in the project – will they even want to use the system after it’s live?

Making Management Happy: Your go-live status should mean that all end users are using LabWare LIMS and your stakeholders recognize the benefits of their investment, which is what our Project Leaders are focused on achieving for you.

If your project has stalled, we’re able to work backwards to find the roadblocks. A new plan is designed for your project and we work with you to get to go-live.

Priorities: We’re not here to sell you the product, we are here to make sure you get the business value from it that you deserve.

It’s quality service that’s nicer to your budget!

Type of work performed by LabWare LIMS consultants from CSols

  • Upfront Analysis and Planning
  • User Requirements
  • Use Cases/User Stories
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Leadership
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Configuration/Customization
  • Implement New Functionality
  • Instrument Integration
  • Systems Integration
  • Bug Fixes, Troubleshooting
  • Report Generation
  • Lab Harmonization
  • Validation
  • SOPs
  • Train the Trainer
  • Data Visualization

Let us be your trusted resource,
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“Thank you for all the hard work to get this done!! You communicated clearly and concisely and kept the project moving; it all went extremely smoothly. The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget, so I can’t ask for any better outcome. You did a great job.”



“I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure to work with you on the LabWare project. I think that your knowledge, experience and personality have been a great asset to the project and I hope that we get the chance to work together again in the future.”



“I appreciate all of the support you provided to the LIMS team and the way you helped to develop the team. I enjoyed the collaboration and our discussions.”



“Your consultant is a fantastic person with whom to work. They are thorough, ask clear concise questions, stay on task and on schedule, and always have a sunny disposition. They are doing some wonderful work and is always a joy to work with on projects.”

Getting all the business value out of your LabWare investment makes all the difference.

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