CSols Employees Volunteer for the Good Neighbors’ Hands of Hope Event

Good Neighbors Inc. provides home repairs and financial guidance to homeowners who lack the physical or financial means to make necessary home repairs. Hands of Hope, its first-ever, week-long corporate volunteer event was held from April 22–26, 2019 called. CSols Inc. learned of this event through a previous engagement and signed on to volunteer again, the afternoon of Wednesday, April 23rd. Philanthropy is built into the CSols culture and is encouraged on an individual level, as well as on a corporate level. The spring volunteer event was added to our goals for the year, in addition to the fall event we’ve held in the past.

As luck would have it, the Hands of Hope date coincided with a preplanned meeting at the CSols headquarters. This increased our group size and, altogether, CSols brought 18 volunteers (16 employees and 2 guests) to the event. Through these acts of volunteerism, we are able to put into practice one of our key foundations, teamwork.

Hands of Hope & CSols Inc. Event
The CSols team was paired with volunteers from Chase to work on the home of a mother and son, both of whom are unable to perform the repairs themselves. They were in need of a new roof and a complete Yard Crashers–style makeover on the home’s landscaping. The goal for the roofing team was to remove all the old shingles, nails, and underlayment on one side of the roof. Since we had such a large volunteer crew, the roofing team was able to perform the whole operation again on the other side. Of course, this was all done under the direction of a professional roofer who also gave his time that day. The landscaping team trimmed shrubs, weeded, removed some small stumps, and edged along the sidewalk. The mother had enjoyed gardening in the past, and it warmed her heart to see the yard returned to its former glory.

The Hands of Hope week was a success, during which various teams repaired five homes in four days (one day washed out due to rain). Given that Good Neighbors has more than 75 homeowners on their waiting list, this event made a big difference. Good Neighbors already has plans to repeat the event next year and the CSols team is looking forward to participating again.

Giving back to the community is so important to the employees of CSols that it is built into our vision statement: commitment to making our world a better place. Volunteerism is just one of the ways we make our vision a reality.

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