CSols Presents Lab Informatics Training at the Pittcon 2024 Short Courses

Pittcon 2024

Newark, Delaware – CSols Inc. is pleased to announce that the Pittcon committee has again selected a CSols expert consultant to present a short course at the 2024 conference in San Diego, California, February 24–28. The LIMS and ELN short courses that have been presented by CSols consultants over the last 15 years have helped lab, IT, and business personnel take on a lab informatics project with confidence and are always attendee favorites. Join us this year to learn what you need to succeed with your own lab informatics project.

Aimee Zwart, a veteran instructor of Pittcon short courses, shared that “This short course is a perennial favorite of Pittcon attendees, and I look forward every year to learning what the people in the room see as their greatest lean lab challenges—it seems to change every time!”

Pittcon short courses address laboratory informatics among many other topics about laboratories in general. Join CSols at Pittcon; register before January 18th to save 30% on registration fees and 20% on short course pricing. You will receive skill-building training and personal attention to your questions about laboratory informatics. Details of the CSols short courses are below.

Enhancing your Lab Informatics Systems (LIMS/ELN) Through Lean Lab Principles

Tuesday, February 27, 1 p.m to 5 p.m.

Manufacturers use lean techniques to improve quality, productivity, and cycle time. QC labs can apply the same methods to realize similar benefits, especially if lab informatics tools like LIMS or ELN are used. Leaning a lab improves performance, minimizes paper, facilitates compliance, and reduces operating costs with less expense than purchasing new tools.


This course explains proven lean lab principles and covers how to identify, prioritize, and realize lean opportunities. The course covers practices and methodologies for planning as well as managing and executing a lean project using lab informatics tools.


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Megan Cavanaugh

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