Lab Informatics Software Selection Services

The CSols team has vast experience in three core disciplines: science, information technology, and regulatory compliance. This experience means that our team will quickly understand the science, business processes, technology, and the culture of your organization and help you find the best lab software solution to achieve your goals.

White Paper: "5 Tips for Choosing the Right Informatics Solution"

Partner with CSols for your vendor selection project and benefit from our expertise in these three service offerings:

(1) Business Workflow Analysis

A CSols workflow analysis is the best way to discover, define, and document your laboratory and business needs and pave the way for a successful laboratory informatics (LIMS, ELN, LES, CDS, MES, ERP, EDMS) purchase.

CSols has a time-proven interview process that can be used to document your laboratory processes and assist in documenting the current laboratory workflows.  These workflows can then be revised into more efficient, electronic-friendly workflows.

CSols has years of laboratory knowledge working at the bench in a wide variety of laboratory disciplines and use our proven process to gather, develop, and document your business needs. Our business analysis process also leverages our team’s many years of laboratory-focused process improvement experience. When your analysis is complete, you will have a solid understanding of current practices and tailored recommendations for a more efficient future state.

(2) Selection Requirements Definition

Once we confirm and prioritize laboratory and organizational business needs through workflows, CSols experts translate those needs into more formal requirements documents for your lab software solution. Vendor selection requirements documentation incorporates findings from the workflow analysis and will ensure that the potential solutions you are vetting can meet your critical requirements. Your team and your potential vendors can focus on high-value functionality to select the best laboratory informatics solution for your lab.

(3) Software Vendor Selection

CSols is a vendor-agnostic, independent consulting firm, so we focus only on our client’s needs and all of our recommendations are requirements-driven.

CSols can shepherd your team through the final vendor decision, or we can provide point services at any stage of the process from needs analysis, user requirements, requests for proposals, and vendor demonstrations to strategic road mapping. CSols offers a complete set of system and vendor selection services including:

  • Tailored market analysis
  • RFP development and management
  • Client-specific vendor demonstration scripts
  • Scoring vendor demos
  • Quantitative vendor analysis presentation
  • Client-specific vendor functionality and pricing analysis

These are just part of the comprehensive vendor selection services we offer. Contact CSols today to find out how we can save you time and money finding the best laboratory informatics solution for your organization.