CSols Inc. Launches Data and Analytics Services


NEWARK, DE, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — CSols Inc., the premier informatics consultancy in North America, announces the addition of new Data and Analytics service offerings. Organizations can leverage CSols’s expertise within and beyond the laboratory to enhance their decision-making capabilities.

This addition of services, coupled with CSols’s deep domain understanding of life science data, provides an end-to-end service suite for clients. From data strategy to predictive analytics, informatics challenges can be tackled more holistically than ever before. The focus is on working with clients to gain high value from their data in both the short and long term and on being able to do so in a self-service manner.

Self-service access to searchable data is a key way to improve an organization’s decision-making capabilities. Data-driven decisions made by those closest to the work not only help to increase data awareness, but also improve the integrity of that data by increasing the awareness of its potential.

It is information transformation, not just data transformation, that brings meaning to the decision-making process. Understanding the business cases for the decisions being made or to be made, as well as the potential of an organization’s data, is where clients will benefit from CSols’s 20-plus years of experience in the life sciences industry.

“This model puts the self-service minable data close to the customers’ in-house subject matter experts. They know best how to optimize the solution’s potential and maintain it after a project’s conclusion,” says Lisa Richard, CSols Director of Data and Analytics.

Organizations with data and analytics needs can partner with CSols to develop comprehensive strategies including infrastructure, data flows, architecture, and solutions that enable searchable access to data for integration and advanced analytics.

CSols focuses on the usability of the data; it is not enough to integrate data and make it accessible—the user experience needs to be at the forefront. The human-centric solutions that CSols provides not only address specific data challenges but also provide tools to develop data-driven solutions for future challenges.

CSols has a number of practical webinars planned in this space; register here for the upcoming Five Ways Data Visualization Can Benefit Life Science Businesses, Today

About CSols Inc.
Through more than 20 years’ experience within the life science domain working with information systems and integration, CSols has developed a keen understanding of not only the work processes but with data management, consolidation, and integration.

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