Data and Analytics

Improve and Accelerate Decision Making Capabilities

…where do you start with meaningful data analytics and analysis? How do you keep up with evolving technologies? How do you quickly realize value? How do you de-risk your data transformations? We work with you to take the following steps:  


We work with you to assess your current data objectives, data flows and data management efforts to develop strategic and tactical plans in the following areas:

• Data Strategy and Roadmap

• Data Governance

• Analytics Tool Selection and Deployment

• Data Driven Leadership

• Master Data Management

• Self Service Analytics


Assuring reliable data sources exist while adhering to established business or regulatory standards is critical for data driven decisions. Developing and deploying the following is critical and a focus of ours in working with you:

• ETL Development

• Data Flow Automation

• Data Transformation

• System Integration

• Data Analytics Fine-Tuning

• Analytics Platform Implementation


Unleash your data’s value to become more informed, efficient and expedient decision-makers in your organization. We partner with you in the following areas:

• Reporting/Dashboarding

• Data Visualization

• Predictive and Prescriptive Modelling

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Four data visualization tools applied to life sciences

Transform Your Data Into an Opportunity

environmental heatmap

Environmental Monitoring Heatmap

preclinical analytics

Preclinical Analytics

project management

Project Management

Non-Conformance Prediction

Non-Conformance Prediction

thumb 5 predictive dashboarding

Predictive Dashboarding

White Paper Life Science Analytics Tools: Open Source or Commercial

Life Science Domain Expertise to Support Your Efforts


Applying ETL pipelines for your data is only part of the challenge; ensuring the meaning of the data is retained through the data journey, including data mining and data scrubbing, is key. How that data gets transformed, used, and understood requires a deep understanding of the business process and the data…this is where partnering with CSols matters.

The deep expertise in Life Science data saves time in the transformation and visualization efforts. The focus is on the potential of the data, not on identifying the meaning of it and the relationships between data sets. Our life science domain expertise allows you to focus your efforts and more rapidly deliver solutions. Our clients benefit from 20-plus years of life science solution development and deployment by a staff that blends science and technology expertise.

Our desire is to quickly transition solutions to our client’s team(s). We enable improved visibility to opportunities hidden within your data. We excel because we don’t need to spend a lot of time understanding what you do or how but can focus on ensuring a solid data ecosystem exists, with good quality data standards to create data visualizations and predictive models for improved and faster decision-making.  

Our consultants thrive on facilitating digital transformations and data transformations and finding the hidden potential of your information.

Five Ways Data Visualization Can Benefit Life Science Businesses