Data and Analytics

The Right Decisions Using the Best Lab Data Analysis

Data is your most critical asset. Getting to the point where you can derive value from that data is challenging, given the ever-changing approaches and available technologies. CSols has a data-first mindset and thrives on working with you to lay the data foundation and find the hidden potential of your information. Some common questions that often arise are the following:

  • How can we reduce the time wasted on duplicating work?
  • How can we secure our institutional knowledge and intellectual property, so they are not lost when someone quits?
  • How can we get a comprehensive view of the organization, so we can make informed decisions and discover potential opportunities?
  • We have Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, pdfs, databases… we are going to spend five years before seeing a return on our LIMS data management investment, if at all. Where do we even start with organizing this data?

Answering questions like these requires looking across business domains.  Data is rarely isolated in its use or value. 

Thinking Comprehensively About Your Data 

Technology decisions that are made without a focus on data science and a wide organizational view as the outcomes, can lead to information-impeded critical decision making. Creating cross-domain data streams is challenging, however. The complexity of looking at the potential in big data curated by the many groups involved means that this effort is often an afterthought. 

Though it has its challenges, focusing on comprehensive lab data analysis greatly enhances decision-making capabilities and provides a competitive edge. The benefits of an overarching lab data collection strategy outweigh the challenges. 

Achievable Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate redundant business efforts 
  • Perform data mining on demand, from anywhere, and at any time
  • Access to self-service analytics for the entire organization, rather than a few highly skilled teams
  • Explore and derive value from previously untapped data
  • Adapt quickly to ever-changing technologies and organizational changes with flexibility and agility
Webinar Recording A Data First Approach

Become The Expert on Your Information

Transform your organization to a data-driven solutions culture with a solid foundation and unlock hidden opportunities within your organization. 

Through more than 20 years of working with life sciences organizations, laboratory informatics, master data, and system integrations, CSols has developed a keen understanding of LIMS data management and lab digital transformations. We work with you to simultaneously prioritize access to high-value information and develop a long-term comprehensive data strategy; then we support you in executing that strategy.

We view data, and its potential, as the core foundation of both technology and business decisions. Keeping data at the forefront is a key business advantage.