Customer-driven Laboratory Informatics Services

Reliable data is at the core of your QC organization and drives your research and development.  Effective management of how that data is gathered, processed, analyzed, and stored improves quality control as well as innovation. “Effective lab data management” means something different in every lab, and that’s why CSols services focus on meeting the individual needs of each lab—cookie cutter solutions are not an option for our specialized clientele.

At CSols, we offer a broad range of laboratory informatics services designed to significantly improve lab efficiency, resource utilization, data integrity, and regulatory compliance. Many clients initially come to CSols for assistance in choosing a LIMS or ELN vendor and then continue to use CSols’s services for process improvement, system implementation, CDS integration, and computer systems validation. But no two clients use these services in quite the same way—our experts have the knowledge and experience to tailor our wide range of services exactly to the customer’s unique needs.

Company Overview

Our experts also have decades of domain expertise with top-tier LIMS, ELN, LES, and CDS vendors.  We partner with these leading vendors for training, development, and industry insights, enabling us to leverage the most current information to advise our clients. CSols derives no revenue from any software transactions from any vendor so we can provide unbiased, customer-outcome-focused services that are developed using industry best practices.

If you need assistance selecting and planning your LIMS, ELN, LES, or CDS, upgrade or implementation support, or validation for a new or an existing system, CSols has the right set of services to deliver excellence to your laboratory.

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