Laboratory Informatics System Implementation

Your business depends on your lab data so your systems must reliably process, store, analyze, and report laboratory data.  LIMS, ELN, LES, and CDS are the best tools to manage this data, but even the best tools need to be applied correctly.  CSols helps quality control, R&D, and analytical services laboratories of all sizes upgrade existing systems and implement new

Implementing or upgrading complex laboratory informatics solutions requires specialized experience and expertise—hiring a general IT consultant can put your project at risk. CSols specializes in laboratory informatics: we’ve created a proprietary implementation methodology to lower risks for our clients and ensure maximum user adoption and maximum system value for all types of laboratory systems implementations and upgrades.

Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS)

LIMS was the first true laboratory informatics platform, and many of CSols’ experts have been working with LIMS products since their inception.  The CSols experts have an average of over 15 years’ experience with LIMS implementations and upgrades in regulated and non-regulated environments.  The products in which they specialize include LABVANTAGE® LIMS, LabWare LIMS™, STARLIMS™ LIMS, Thermo Scientific™ (SampleManager LIMS™, Nautilus LIMS™, Watson LIMS™, Darwin LIMS™, LabManager LIMS™), and many others.

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN)

CSols ELN implementation experts spent many years in R&D labs before moving into informatics.  We understand the rigors of R&D labs and the challenges of R&D work in a regulated environment.  The CSols ELN implementation team is especially skilled at gathering lab user requirements and translating those needs into functional, user-friendly ELN user interfaces.  Many of these team members began with PerkinElmer® E-Notebook™ and have expanded their skills to BIOVIA™, Dotmatics, and IDBS ELN products. 

Laboratory Execution System (LES)

LES are great for QC environments where the work is reproducible and repetitive, but a poor implementation can turn a good investment into a waste of money.  CSols experts can mitigate the risks of LES implementation with thoughtful planning and workflow-based design.  Since we know the laboratory, we can ask the right people the right questions and implement your LES Right First Time, providing significant compliance and productivity benefits.  We have worked with BIOVIA™ LES, LABVANTAGE® e-Notebook, LabWare ELN™, and PerkinElmer® iLAB LES as their products evolved, so we understand how to tailor any LES to your lab. 

Chromatography Data Systems (CDS)

CDS are the workhorses of many laboratories with chromatography instrumentation.  CSols CDS team members have deep and broad experience upgrading and implementing stand-alone CDS and have many years of experience upgrading or implementing a CDS interfaced with a LIMS or ELN—our experts know both sides of the interface and will plan and execute your implementation smoothly.  Our team has experience with Waters Empower™, Agilent OpenLab, Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ CDS and ChromQuest™ CDS, PerkinElmer® TotalChrom, and others.

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