ELN Implementation Services

CSols has been delivering ELN solutions for over a decade. Our seasoned laboratory informatics consultants’ knowledge includes a blend of laboratory informatics, science, IT, and regulatory expertise. We bridge the communication gap between IT, the R&D lab, and the business, keeping projects on track while capturing stakeholder needs and closely managing change.

ELN Comprehensive System Implementation

From conception to completion, CSols is your go-to resource for any ELN project. Our specialized skill set means we can mitigate risks other consultants don’t anticipate. We cater to clients’ exact needs and our full ELN implementation services include:

  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Instrument and application interfaces development
  • Configuration and customization development and testing
  • User acceptance scripts and user acceptance testing
  • Training and go-live support

ELN Configuration and Customization

Configuration tasks do not require any programming, but often involve too much complexity for the average user to plan and develop. CSols can support all your ELN configuration needs, including:

  • Hierarchy and security level definition
  • Naming convention definition
  • Template design and experiment workflow automation
  • Dictionary, keywords, and metadata definition
  • Reporting tools and visualization development

Customization, on the other hand, enhances the ELN through programming and code writing. Our experience and expertise ensure that your ELN customization is efficient, scalable, and supportable; our customization activities include:

  • Programmatic interfaces to instruments
  • Programmatic interfaces to other applications

ELN Enhancements and Extensions

ELN requirements evolve and expand over time; many clients find that leveraging CSols experience, knowledge, and expertise costs less and takes less time than rearranging internal resources for an ELN enhancement project. Our senior-level consultants can ensure that new configuration or enhancements of your ELN are efficient, scalable, and supportable. Our team can manage the systems analysis and feedback loops, perform needs and risk assessments, and gather workflow/template requirements as well as deployment support for new or existing templates and methods or as you expand the use of your ELN to other labs and departments.

ELN Go-Live Support

CSols understands how important a smooth go-live can be for your ELN. Even if implementation, testing, and documentation are complete, we know to expect the unexpected when rolling a new system out to users. CSols can support your team by answering questions, performing follow up training, and troubleshooting during go-live and the roll-out to end users remotely or on-site.

ELN Integration—Applications

Integrating ELN with other complex systems can reduce costs and development time, increase overall system efficiency, and reduce implementation risk. We have experience interfacing ELN applications with data warehouses, data mining and visualization tools, commercial and custom-built LIMS, document management systems, and MES/ERP systems with a variety of integration tools, including custom interfaces. Clients who have used our integration services report a smoother, less error-prone process when integration is complete.

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ELN Integration—Instruments

Instrument integration is an industry best practice for laboratory informatics tools like ELN to remove manual steps and reduce administrative time. CSols experts have delivered many ELN-instrument interfaces, from simple one-way data transfers to sophisticated, workflow-driven, bi-directional programmatic interfaces. No matter what interfaces your lab requires, CSols has the expertise and experience to meet your instrument integration needs.

ELN Data Migration

Migrating ELN and other laboratory information system data, such as chemical registration and inventory systems, requires a thorough understanding of the data structures, data definitions, and data usage. Our ELN and industry expertise combined with our intimate knowledge of laboratory processes and data usage make CSols uniquely qualified to perform your data migration successfully.

ELN Project Management and Project Leadership

CSols project managers and project leaders have a unique blend of project management, laboratory, IT and ELN expertise and consistently out-perform project managers with less specialized backgrounds. CSols PMP-certified project managers build effective change management into your project plan to ensure the deployed ELN meets your requirements, is delivered on-time and within budget, and is adopted and used by all stakeholders.

ELN Training

CSols develops role-based training courses and teaches end users how to perform their specific role within your specific ELN configuration. CSols’s ELN training experts have a long, successful track record preparing role-based ELN training materials and teaching classes that increase user adoption and laboratory efficiency. We offer a variety of services to create documentation or deliver materials to suit your lab’s needs