LIMS Implementation

Complete LIMS Services: Implementation, Integration, and Support

If you need a start-to-finish new LIMS implementation, some help rolling out an enhancement, better insight into your data, or an upgrade to your current system, CSols experts have the right skill set to support your success.    

LIMS have evolved from basic sample-tracking tools to complex, mission-critical applications and a successful LIMS implementation requires laboratory experience and expertise beyond that of traditional technology consultants.  CSols’s seasoned laboratory informatics experts possess the unique blend of LIMS development, project management, and IT expertise that will make your LIMS project a success.  Our comprehensive LIMS services focus on end-user adoption and are tailored to fit the exact needs of your laboratory. 

Read more below about the different services CSols can provide to your new or existing LIMS.

Webinar: "Improve Your Lab Performance, Enhance Your LIMS"

Comprehensive LIMS Implementations and Upgrades

From start to finish, CSols is the go-to resource for your new LIMS implementation or existing LIMS upgrade project. Because of our years of experience, we can mitigate risks more general consultants don’t even anticipate. Our laboratory, LIMS, and IT project expertise ensure a smooth process from planning to deployment. Clients with limited internal resources often opt for CSols experts to support their projects in a comprehensive manner, including all the individual services listed below.

LIMS Project Management and Project Leadership

CSols has experience with a broad range of proven LIMS implementation methodologies, from the classic waterfall approach to the popular Agile methodology. Our project management services cover every aspect of the project including managing CSols, client, vendor, and third-party resources. The challenges of the laboratory and the complexity of a LIMS demand an expert with an understanding of the lab, business, and application processes. CSols project managers and project leaders know LIMS better than anyone else and consistently out-perform project managers with less specialized backgrounds.

LIMS Configuration and Customization

Every LIMS product requires set-up and configuration to meet laboratory and business needs. Many of CSols’s experts have been LIMS administrators and understand how to set up and configure LIMS to enhance productivity and user experience. Though we prefer to leverage out of the box LIMS functionality, we have LIMS developers with experience in the prominent LIMS coding languages and can customize any LIMS product to your exact laboratory processes.

LIMS Integration—Applications

CSols’s unparalleled experience in integrating LIMS with other complex databases like MES and ERP can reduce costs and development time, increasing overall system efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity while reducing risk. Our experts use a variety of tools for application integrations, including APIs, many types of middleware, web services, data visualization and business intelligence, and even custom interfaces. Clients who have used our integration services report an increased ability to make business decisions in addition to increased efficiency in LIMS and business processes.

LIMS Integration—Instruments

Automatic data transfer with a LIMS-instrument interface reduces transcription errors and increases data integrity but these interfaces are not always straight forward. CSols experts understand these complexities and have delivered hundreds of LIMS-instrument interfaces, from simple one-way data transfers to sophisticated, workflow-driven, bi-directional programmatic interfaces. No matter what interfaces your lab requires, CSols has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

LIMS Data Migration

A thorough understanding of the data structures, data definitions, and data usage is essential for a LIMS data migration. CSols experts work with each client to find the approach that best meets your laboratory and business needs by considering the technical, regulatory, and financial drivers that make your business unique. CSols’s data migration methodology reduces the risks, costs, and time involved in a laboratory data migration and will put your worries to rest by keeping your data safe.

LIMS Enhancements & Extensions

When your LIMS needs to evolve to keep pace with your new lab processes, CSols has the experience and know-how to find a solution. Our experts can quickly and cost-effectively design, develop, and implement system modifications from a small user experience enhancement to a full functionality extension. CSols partners with major LIMS vendors, and can develop extensions and enhancements in a fully scalable and supportable manner.

LIMS Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

LIMS are traditionally configured for ease of data entry, however, they are not necessarily amenable to extracting data you can use to assess the big picture. Information stored in your LIMS can provide valuable insight to the whole organization, not just to the lab personnel.

With LIMS expertise and laboratory experience, CSols is uniquely equipped to provide Business Intelligence solutions with your LIMS data, from the lowest level data reporting and certificate generation up to performance metrics, staffing and infrastructure utility, and KPI’s.

Using the various tools available to the modern connected business, CSols can enable your decision structure with timely, accurate information about what is going on in your laboratory and beyond. When interfaced with other systems or exposed to existing data lake implementations, this utility can be extended company-wide.

LIMS Training

LIMS vendors rarely include comprehensive, client-specific training in their implementation services packages. CSols develops training materials and teaches role-based training courses so end users learn your specific LIMS configuration. CSols targeted training increases end-user adoption so you’ll get more value from your newly implemented LIMS.

LIMS Hyper-Care Support

CSols understands how important a smooth go-live can be for your LIMS. Even if implementation, testing, and documentation are successfully completed, we know to expect the unexpected when rolling a new system out to users. We developed our comprehensive go-live hyper-care support to ensure your LIMS deploys cleanly and the roll-out goes smoothly. CSols can support your team remotely or on-site by answering questions, performing follow up training, and troubleshooting during go-live and the roll-out.