Digital Twins in Life Sciences R&D: Opportunities and Challenges

Blog Digital Twin in Life Sciences R&D

Digital twins. This concept might sound like science fiction, but it’s actually a powerful scientific tool that could transform Research and Development (R&D) in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This cutting-edge technology can change the way researchers work and open up new possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries in the future of R&D labs. What Is a… Read More

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Modern Analytics Applied to Public Health

Blog Modern Analytics Applied to Public Health

In today’s world, analytics is more important than ever and an essential part of public health. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, public and health officials need to stay current, monitor trends, and make informed decisions with every tool available, especially those using data. In this article, we present concrete examples and discuss how two seasoned… Read More

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Four Data Visualization Tools Applied to Life Sciences

Four Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization is a crucial element of any life science work, and it is especially important in communicating the work coming out of labs. The ability to explore and mine complex datasets is essential for communicating meaningful conclusions. Life sciences researchers rely on a variety of data visualization tools to help them analyze and interpret… Read More

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Summit 2022 Recap: Lab Data Across Your Organization

Blog CSols Summit review 2022

When technology changes, you must change with it. If not, your business could fall behind (just ask the founders of Netscape, who brought the Internet to all of us). Organizations like yours can be easily swayed by new technology buzzwords such as digital transformation and AI/ML for the laboratory, without really understanding what will be… Read More

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