Future Advances in LIMS and ELN Technology

Future Direction of LIMS

The human construct of time provides us with a frame of reference for discussing a sequence of events. It helps our consciousness make sense of the physical world around us. In some schools of thought, the future doesn’t exist. As scientists, engineers, and laboratory informatics professionals, however, it’s your job to plan for the future,… Read More

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Agile Development in Laboratory Informatics

LIMS & Agile Methodology

Agile development is one of those buzzwords that you’ve heard a lot if you’ve spent any time at all in the business world. Like Lean Six Sigma, it’s one of those secret handshake-type terms that will have everyone nodding in recognition, even if they’re not really sure what it’s about. But in laboratory informatics—particularly in… Read More

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21 CFR Part 11: 20 Years and Counting

20 years ago, as a response to the pharmaceutical and life science industries wanting to increase the use of computer systems in the lab, the FDA released 21 CFR Part 11.  The ruling on using electronic records and signatures in place of their hard copy counterparts has since impacted not only how we collect, analyze,… Read More

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Does Substance Matter? – A 2017 Lab Informatics Review

2017 has been characterized by daily chaos, uncertainty and loud voices shouting at one another from polarized positions.  What will 2018 bring?  Your guess is as good as ours on that, but that’s not the point of this blog… In laboratory informatics, we ultimately must work within the constraints of the scientific method.  Therefore, substance… Read More

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