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The Evolution of Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Laboratory and Beyond

Over the last 10–15 years, software companies have overwhelmingly adopted the model of cloud-hosted, pay-as-you-go, software as a service (SaaS). There are multiple reasons for this adoption. Software companies needed to keep up with technologic... Read More

What’s involved in a data transformation for Life Sciences

These are pivotal times for data transformations. Advancements in, and wide accessibility to, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) allow organizations to transform data into actionable insights and gain a competitive advantage. ... Read More

Using LIMS for Data Visualization

Why is data visualization important? The COVID-19 pandemic may have been the proverbial straw to break the old business paradigm because the past year saw many organizations rethink their operating models. When people cannot gather in person to ta... Read More

How To Choose an Informatics System for Your Lab

For many laboratories, choosing an informatics solution can be confusing at best and a nightmare at worst. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the myriad of available products and options that fill a variety of needs for a number of diverse industr... Read More

Data Integrity – What are the Biggest Challenges

Ensuring that data is reliable, reproducible, and therefore valuable means companies in both regulated and non-regulated spaces must keep data integrity at the heart of their informatics operations. Laboratory informatics consultants CSols, Inc ... Read More

ELN, LIMS, CDS, LES: What’s the Difference?

Handling large amounts of data isn’t easy. Different formats and compatibilities can make keeping track of all the information your organization produces a gargantuan task. Luckily, there are a host of informatics systems available to help you w... Read More

Is SAP the only system you need to operate your Lab?

One App to Rule Them All – A Lord of the Rings Parody One by one the Applications of the Enterprise fell to the power of SAPron. Some resisted; a last alliance of Lab Analysts, Product Vendors and Research Scientists fought for the freedom of Th... Read More

New Data Integrity Draft Guidance – Are You Ready?

The move to electronic data collection, analysis, storage, and reporting continues to grow in the pharmaceutical and life science industries.  Software is becoming more robust with features and functionality enabling labs to become more paperless.... Read More

Icebergs Ahead – Disaster Recovery Plans and Executions

Are you ready for the “unthinkable” – your laboratory computer systems suffering a titanic failure? Disaster recovery plans are crucial insurance against the unexpected. Google’s self-reported 99.984 percent uptime and the non-existent int... Read More

Chromatography Data System Integration

Volume 10, Issue 11 | Ask The Expert Michael Barkan is a senior informatics consultant at CSols Inc., a North American laboratory informatics consultancy with offices in Canada and the US. Previously, he worked for Johnson & Johnson in glob... Read More

CSR in Context

Staying Ahead of the Curve: How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Help your Lab and your Bottom Line. How much value do you put on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your laboratory? Read this and you may change your mind… While I was st... Read More

How to Win at LIMS

Successful LIMS Implementation: It’s not as Easy as Selecting the “Right” Piece of Software. As a laboratory informatics consultant working within analytical science, I am exposed continuously to new products, clients, and laboratory process... Read More

CSols Inc. President, Kyle McDuffie, Named a Top Small Business Leader in DE

Kyle McDuffie runs his Christiana-based consulting business, CSols Inc., with a high degree of trust. His management philosophy? Provide employees with the resources they need to succeed, and trust them to get the job done right. And don’t make ... Read More


To remain competitive in today’s world, all but the smallest of laboratories require an informatics system1,2 to track their samples and analytical results. This typically means selecting between applications referred to as a Laboratory Informatio... Read More

Acquiring an Informatics System: Where do Consultants Fit In?

For the modern laboratory, an informatics system to manage samples and data has become almost a necessity. Whether a Laboratory Information Management System1 (LIMS) or an Electronic Laboratory Notebook2 (ELN), very few laboratories can effectivel... Read More