Best Practices for Organizational Change Management

Blog: Best Practices for Organizational Change Management

Laboratories and industries everywhere are realizing that technological innovations are moving at a rapid and ever-increasing pace. These technological initiatives require organizational change management (OCM) to ensure success. Some of these initiatives include the following: Is your company prepared to face the associated OCM challenges of technological innovations? Whether it is a paradigm shift by… Read More

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Overcoming Challenges in Requirements Gathering

Blog: Overcoming-Challenges-in-Requirements-Gathering

It is impossible to overstate the importance of thoroughly gathering requirements for the success of an implementation project. Although that seems like hyperbole, unfortunately, it is not. When difficulties arise in a lab informatics or enterprise system implementation, it is almost always because of incomplete requirements gathering or a failure to understand the underlying workflows… Read More

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LIMS Integration Beyond the Lab Systems

Blog LIMS Integration

Once your lab has adopted an informatics system (or two) and reduced the number of paper processes, you may think that your digital transformation is complete. But there is more that you could do to improve efficiencies and use your lab’s data to inform business decisions. This blog post will help you discover how LIMS… Read More

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MES Integration and Validation in Life Sciences

Blog Manufacturing-Execution-Systems MES

Your manufacturing execution system (MES) is a valuable part of your organization’s data management plan—if you are using it to its full potential. Is your MES integrated with your laboratory information management system (LIMS) or your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software? If you are operating in the life sciences industry, has your MES been utilized… Read More

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The LIMS Project Scope: More Is Better

Blog LIMS Project Scope Creep

A common difficulty in completing a LIMS implementation project on time and on a budget is scope creep. Avoiding scope creep is every project manager’s dream, although it is close to impossible unless the initial scope is given the appropriate amount of care. Assigning a dedicated project manager can help, because the project manager commits… Read More

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