We understand that a laboratory informatics project can be quite complex and understanding the many facets can be hard to digest. That’s why we’ve decided to answer many of your most frequently asked questions in video format. We invite you to follow us on the CSols Inc. YouTube channel.

Data and Analytics Video

Data and Analytics Services

Strategic use of your organization’s data can provide insights you didn’t know you needed. Though i...
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Video_Options for Integrating SAP QM to the Lab

Options for Integrating LIMS and SAP QM into the Lab

Learn about 3 different options – and their benefits and challenges – for integrating LIMS and SAP QM into your laboratory. W...
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How to Save Costs Using a LIMS

How to Save Costs Using a LIMS

We are all familiar with the costs of adding a LIMS to the lab infrastructure, but have you considered the ways a LIMS will save costs? T...
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6 Ways a LIMS Adds Value

6 Ways a LIMS adds Value to your Stakeholders

Determining the true value of a LIMS will envoke different responses, depending on who you ask because each stakeholder group has its own...
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8 Questions to Ask a LIMS Project Manager

8 Questions to Ask Your LIMS Project Manager

What should be considered in choosing a LIMS Project Manager (PM) to ensure your LIMS project is successful? In this video, learn what qu...
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Video: "LIMS Implementation: Important Considerations Before Starting"

LIMS Implementation: Important Considerations Before Starting

Are you fully prepared to take on a lab informatics project and know everything there is to complete it successfully? Before you...
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Watch Video: "LIMS Upgrade Misconceptions"

LIMS Upgrade Misconceptions

Frequent LIMS upgrades are required to maintain the optimal performance of your LIMS software solution. Many will enter this process with...
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Watch Video: "How to Better Defend Your Lab in an FDA Audit"

How to Better Defend Your Lab in an FDA Audit

No one wants a visit from the FDA, but when they come to audit your lab systems, your data should be defendable on all levels. How does a...
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Watch Video: "Considerations When Upgrading Your LIMS"

Considerations When Upgrading Your LIMS

There are many factors to address when upgrading a LIMS, and missing one of them could delay your project or send you back to the beginni...
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Watch Video: "Ensuring Successful Implementations Through Effective Project Leadership"

Ensuring Successful Implementations Through Effective Project Leadership

Learn the benefits and strategies of having an experienced Project Leader on your team throughout your implementation. Also learn the key...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Interface Your Instruments to Your LIMS

3 Reasons Why You Should Interface Your Instruments to Your LIMS

It’s always a shock to us when LIMS survey results indicate that lab instruments haven’t been interfaced to the LIMS.  One would...
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5 Considerations When Selecting a Laboratory Informatics Solution

Laboratory Informatics Solutions- 5 Considerations

Laboratory organizations are constantly under pressure to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. In order to do this, lab organizat...
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Justify a New LIMS

How to Justify The Purchase of a New LIMS When You Already Have One

If you already have a LIMS in place, justifying the purchase of a new LIMS based on quantifiable efficiency gai...
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10 ways LIMS can Automate your Lab Automation

10 Ways LIMS Can Automate Your Lab

While increasing productivity and effectiveness can be addressed in a number of ways within a LIMS, the ability...
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7 Validation Mistakes

7 Validation Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Within a Validation Plan and Test Scripts, there are crucial details that can easily be overlooked or oversimpl...
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LIMS Consulting Myths

Top 5 LIMS and LIMS Consulting Myths – Busted!

Having been in the Laboratory Informatics and LIMS Consulting business for quite some time, we at CSols Inc. ha...
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LIMS Implementation Failures

Top 4 Reasons LIMS Implementations Fail

Implementing a new LIMS can be a huge challenge and getting things right the first time is critical for your re...
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Why you need a Lab Informatics Project Manager video

Why You Need a Lab Informatics Project Manager

In a Laboratory Informatics project, there are a lot of different moving parts. In a short 3 minutes, learn why you need a Lab Informatic...
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Successful ELN Implementation

What is a Successful ELN Implementation

Depending on your organization’s goals, the success of an ELN Implementation can be measured in different ways. Remember, just beca...
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LIMS Implementation Mistakes

Classic LIMS Implementation Mistakes

Lab Informatics Projects can have a lot of moving parts, people involved, and last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. To think that your ...
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Interesting things you didn't know a LIMS could do

Interesting Things You Didn’t Know a LIMS Could Do

It’s common knowledge that a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) can manage samples and produce associated analyses an...
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Manage a LIMS Project

How to Manage a LIMS Project Successfully

To achieve an excellent LIMS implementation, there are certain things your operation can do and will need to consider. If these things ar...
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How to do a risk based approach for CSV

How to do a Risk Based Approach for Computer System Validation (CSV)

In this video, you will hear what risk based validation is, the basic steps of the risk management process, why you should use it, and th...
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How Much Does a LIMS Cost

How To Calculate The Cost of a LIMS?

Go beyond the costs provided in the LIMS Quote and learn the additional sources of cost that should be considered when calculating your F...
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How to Select a LIMS Consultant

How to Select a LIMS Consultant

There are a number of traits to look for when choosing a LIMS consultant. Watch this video to ensure that the LIMS consultants you engage...
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How to Select a LIMS

How to Select a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

With so many LIMS to choose from, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right LIMS for your lab? In this short video, learn the s...
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Who is CSols Lab Informatics Experts

CSols Inc. – Your Laboratory Informatics Experts

In a short 3 minutes, learn about CSols Inc, the Laboratory Informatics services we offer, and how they can help you. Click the button at...
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