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Software implementation generally refers to the process of integrating a purchased software product into the workflow of an organization  It consists of a large number of inter-related tasks which need to be carried out in an appropriate parallelized sequence which are often overseen by a Project Manager.

We believe that without considering the users, involving them, and managing how they perceive and receive your LIMS, you may very well have a “successful” LIMS implementation but no one will fully utilize the system.  At CSols, we don’t just help you implement your LIMS, we work with you to manage the change it drives while realizing the highest level of system adoption.

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CSols has expertise and experience in a broad range of LIMS implementation methodologies from classic sequential design methodologies to incremental and iterative methodologies.  Leveraging our expertise and best practices we have developed our value-added, proprietary, Laboratory Automation Services Execution Routes (LASER) implementation methodology.  The LASER implementation methodology combines the best of sequential design methodologies and the speed and effectiveness of incremental and iterative methodologies.  LASER is completely scalable and has been utilized in both regulated and non-regulated environments.

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CSols has been delivering successful LIMS implementations for over a decade.  Our seasoned LIMS consultants each have an average of fifteen (15) years of experience.  Their knowledgebase includes a blend of laboratory information systems, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise which uniquely positions CSols to successfully implement and deliver your LIMS solution on time, within budget, meeting your users’ and business’ requirements, and with a high system utilization and adoption rate.  We are able to bridge the communication gap between IT and the lab keeping projects on task and on track while making sure each side is “heard” and “get” what they need from the implementation of the system.

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Watch WebinarCSols offers a broad set of LIMS implementation services ranging from full solution implementation to enhancements and extensions of your existing LIMS and everything in-between. Laboratory Informatics Strategic Services are also available.  When utilized prior to the implementation phase of your LIMS project, these strategic services will greatly enhance your success and system adoption rate.  LIMS, ELN, and other LIS Validation Services are also available for systems being implemented in regulated environments.

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