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ELN & LIMS Program Planning and Management

ELN and LIMS projects come in a variety of sizes such as; a single lab, an entire department, multiple departments, a single site, multiple sites, an entire global enterprise.  Each situation has its own challenges and requires the right-sized project management effort to ensure success.  Large, multi-site, multi-department ELN and LIMS projects can be especially challenging.  These situations require a Program Management process.  Included in CSols’ Program Management offering is process harmonization, data and function ownership (local vs. global) determination, site implementation prioritization and rollout scheduling, standardization of systems integration, and phased training and support.  Successful ELN and LIMS Program Management requires expertise in project management, communications, and the domain in which the ELN and/or LIMS solution is being deployed.

How We Help You Plan and Manage Large, Complex ELN & LIMS Projects

CSols has extensive experience in successfully planning, managing and rolling out large-scale ELN and LIMS projects.  We have refined our processes and practices over the years to ensure that no gaps will exist in your project and that your deployment will be optimized and flawlessly executed.  Our project management, laboratory informatics, industry, domain, regulatory, and IT expertise are all leveraged to guarantee the success of your large scale laboratory information system project.

Deliverables include:

  • ELN & LIMS Deployment Program Plan
  • ELN & LIMS Program Management

Benefits From CSols ELN & LIMS Program Planning and Management

Customers who have engaged CSols to plan and manage their large scale ELN and/or LIMS projects have experienced smooth roll-outs, optimized long term solution support costs, and reduced program resource needs.  Additionally, solutions planned and managed by the CSols laboratory informatics program management team have attained high percentage of user adoption.  CSols’ clients claim that our Change Management expertise has been a tremendous aid to their ability to align and harmonize processes across both geographic and cultural barriers.  Overall, by engaging CSols for large scale LIMS and ELN projects, our customers have had great success and saved valuable time, money, and resources.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do. When you engage us to perform your ELN and/or LIMS Program Planning and Management, you will be building excellence into your large scale laboratory informatics project, from start to finish.

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