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Supercharge Your Lab CSV Project

Hey, does this sound familiar: The lab just bought a new [Enter Name/Type of Instrument or Data System] before the fiscal year closed. It just showed up and now they are after you to validate it now! Get it done fast – right, no problem but validating a scientific instrument software or lab data system,… Read More

What Happened to Phase 2 of your LIMS Implementation?

It’s a funny thing but if you ask anyone who has been involved in the LIMS industry for any length of time, they will uniformly agree that Phase 2 of LIMS implementation projects rarely, if ever, come to fruition. Is this because breaking a LIMS implementation into multiple phases is wrong? Not really. There are perfectly… Read More

Justifying a LIMS: The Two Q’s

So you have decided that your organization really needs a LIMS and you have convinced your department head that this is the case.  However, in order to proceed, you need to secure funding for the LIMS which can be quite pricey depending on your needs and the number of users.  Your management has asked you… Read More

PITTCON 2014: A Review, New Items, and the Future

PITTCON was held in Chicago, IL this March 2014 and has always been an event that CSols participates in, no discussion needed; and it’s easy to see why. PITTCON is an annual conference and tradeshow that brings in thousands of analytical scientists of all levels and fills their week with a multitude of activities. Aside… Read More

The Best LIMS – Revealed!

It’s the question of the ages and one, as Informatics Experts, we hear all the time, “What is the Best LIMS?” The customer is sometimes frantic. Sometimes they try and pull the “Barbara Walters” signature phrase, “Just between you and me…” they plead. They might even beg. Well, finally after all this time, we are… Read More